Lalena Matheny

Realtor - Sales Agent
A passion for creativity and seeing the possibilities of what a property can be has moved me to be a Realtor. My first degree in Advertising, Art and Design with a minor in Marketing has allowed me some of the skills to be productive in the field of Realty. Along with the experiences I gained working beside my father on many building and construction projects. While working with my father, he would tell me of the fond memories he had growing up on Newfound Lake with his late Grandmother Poole and Uncle Charley Poole (Bristol's fly-tying shop). My Great Grandmother owned the house (still standing) and several cottages (no longer there) at the Dam on the edge of the river going out of Newfound Lake. She was a wonderfully joyful and giving person. She was also tough, short, and a round old woman who didn't put up with crap. Just the person to keep my Dad on track as a teenage boy. I loved to hear the stories of fishing for trout at the Dam on the South end of the Lake. My Great Grandmother would tell my father, "If you catch and clean them, then I will cook them." As a single parent bringing up two girls, I found owning and managing apartment buildings was a great way to add to my income. Eventually, I decided to buy our own home in Andover NH. This was one of very few homes we could afford. It needed at lot of work! And, that was an understatement! There were other homes which didn't need nearly as much work. But, I knew the potential and resale would not be there for those houses when I came ready to sell. I decided on the "Needs lots of work" home. My father was 110% against it. He said something to the effect of, "It needs to be bulldozed down." Well, that's not what I had in mind. I had a vision of a beautiful country home to bring my children up in; gardens, river frontage, sunlit porches, period design and unique built ins throughout the house. One morning while having coffee with my Dad, I told him I am buying the "Needs work house" and would appreciate his help in the work needed to complete the renovations to make this our home. Again, he thought I was crazy and reluctantly agreed to help anyways. After all I am his daughter. Well, after a lot of hard labor, long nights and a few disagreements we finished our home. My Dad (after some extended time later) said, “The house came out very nice and I never would have thought this house would look like this. You had a vision and the house is beautiful, just like you thought." My children are now grown up and have since moved out on their own. I decided to go back to school online to get a 4 Year Business Degree to add to my education. My thoughts are you can always better yourself in any career by learning and gaining more skills. A Business Degree in Communication would surely help me in Realty as well as all aspects of life. Now, here I am still working daily on all my dreams to lead a happy and successful life. It's what I strive for and what makes me happy. I would be happy to help you make your dreams become reality as well.